Things that make you go hmmmmm…….

blown out Christmas socks already….. WTF


I used Shazam to discover Praying by Kesha.

I don’t necessarily feel like this I’m listening to it on the radio. But I feel myself changing and I don’t want anyone against me and I don’t want me against anyone. You get what you give. And I’m praying for all my fellow Americans to make a change. I pray everyone finds their peace praying.

Life is getting serious. People need to realize who’s first.
Everyone will be judged.
The man upstairs is watching.
It’s not to late to say sorry.
Thank you for that peace offer father God. Thank you for all you do and now This is all for you.

Life’s wonders….

What are we here for????   Is marriage made to make us happy and holy or break us?

Why when your saved do you get attacked more.

Am I alone on this?

does everyone feel like your the walking dead in a sort.

Has anyone been babtised late in life with mental issues and an open mind?




Follow Awareness… Someone to check out….

Just because… I got onto my sight today…

and just another confirmation that I’m doing what I’m supposed to….. I’ve come into this blind based on empathy and intuition and I once again feel blessed.



As I said on my previous post, I really want to get my writing out into the world further; there is nothing more important to me than when I write something and people read it and truly feel what I am saying. I absolutely adore writing. I always, always have. I am now going on […]

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Far From Over

If I can help one individual ,                                                    I will have a smile on my face (but hopefully, I can help a few more than that.)                                   I was born again and I’m brand new!                  Although some of the destructions in life

have curved some of my paths ,

  I did not stumble



hard along my paths because I was living for love.

(So was my husband, but I’ll get to that later.
I truly believe that. Now, that that has been said
I am not brand new to life in general,
however I am a brand new person and I have a new life! I have for quite sometime now…………….                                                         Everyday that I am walking through life’s difficulties and struggles “to be a normal person,” and when I sit back and think about it now…. I’m not so unnormal at all. Continue reading “Far From Over”